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Sales Portal and CRM

Sales Portal and CRM

Maximize sales and improve customer satisfaction with an omnichannel platform.

Sales Portal and CRM

Terminal Automation

Automate Jetty scheduling and end-to-end terminal operations for enhanced throughput and real-time control.

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Sales Portal and CRM

Aviation and C&I Operations

Customized solutions for your aviation and C&I customers to streamline and optimize entire supply chain.

Sales Portal and CRM

Automated Retail Operations

Integrate and streamline sales, logistics, payments, and other critical processes for dealers, retailers, and third party suppliers on a unified platform.

Sales Portal and CRM

Smart Station

Armor your fuel stations with IoT enabled tech to monitor and modernize operations, and reduce costs.

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Sales Portal and CRM

Smart Logistics

A centralized architecture to optimize your freight movements, disbursements, and PEF management.

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Sales Portal and CRM

Finance & Accounting

Simplify financial reporting and synchronize transactions, analytics, forecasting, planning to achieve fiscal goals.

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Sales Portal and CRM

Advanced HRMS

Automate routine admin processes and create a self-sufficient workforce with elevated productivity.

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Sales Portal and CRM

Inventory Management

An in-depth solution for end-to-end inventory management and smart storage decisions.

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Sales Portal and CRM

Maintenance Management

Harnessing intelligent technologies for predictive maintenance, increased reliability and uptime.

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Sales Portal and CRM

Intelligent Procurement

Smartly analyze, negotiate, and finalize acquisition for improved savings and greater profitability with strategic procurement.

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Sales Portal and CRM

Asset Management

Automate the entire asset lifecycle, identify market volatility & risks, and reduce downtime.

Sales Portal and CRM

Smart Vehicle Tracking

Maximize sales and improve customer satisfaction with an omnichannel platform.

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Sales Portal and CRM

Document Management

Execute simple, secure, and sustainable document management through a centralized platform.

Sales Portal and CRM

Advanced User Management

Maintain security and integrity of your database with authorized access across multiple systems.

Stay Ahead with Standout Features Experience unparalleled growth in your downstream oil and gas business with RockEye, the custom crafted ERP solution.



Leveraging AI and Machine Learning to automate processes and provide deep insights, giving you a massive competitive edge.


& Flexible

An ERP system that can be easily customized according to your operations, and tailored to meet the specific needs and challenges of your business.



Seamlessly integrate with hardware such as POS system, IoT devices for gantry automation or integrate with third party systems like other SAP, Microsoft Dynamics or other.



An ERP solution with native RPA capabilities, enabling you to easily automate routine and repetitive tasks within your business processes for improved efficiency.



Real-time data exchange and communication, between different departments, teams, and individuals, results in improved productivity, informed decision-making and competitiveness for businesses.



Our ERP system is designed to be a true partner to businesses. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs, and provide customised solutions that fit their unique requirements.


Real-time Data

Enabling businesses to make informed decisions quickly through live data, by performing deep analytics on fuel sales, inventory levels, customer behaviour, and more.



Allowing businesses to customize the system with their own branding and offer it to their customers as their own product.

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