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Manage Inventories with Inch Perfect Efficiency

Smart Inventory Management Solution from RockEye for comprehensive and automated warehouse management. Our solution is designed to streamline your downstream operations and improve your supply chain efficiency.

With real-time information on warehouse activities, our inventory management solutions give you complete control over your supply chain, enabling you to reduce your storage costs, lead times, and attain end-to-end information about your warehouse.

Our top IMS solutions help you enhance your operational efficiency through a cost-effective method. Whether you need to manage product manufacturing or distribution, our warehouse and inventory management system solutions offer a flawless integration with your current business processes.

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Key Features

Top-notch Automated Warehouse and Inventory Management Solutions for Your Business

Multi-location and Currency

Enabling you to track your inventories across different locations and also in multiple currencies to facilities global operations.

Tagging, Bar Coding and Batching

In-depth bar coding and tagging of inventories followed by systematic batching for better and more accurate information systems.

Smart Notifications and Alerts

Manage your stocks in a hassle-free way through our smart notifications. We help you track your inventories and notify you with immediate alerts as and when required.

Systematic Reporting

Get real-time updates on your stocks and inventories for a hassle-free inventory management system.

Multiple Order Completion

Complete multiple order packaging and deliveries through our solutions and ensure speedy delivery to your customers.

Fleet Management

Track your vehicles and access logistic details to track the movement of inventories in your warehouse.

Omni-channel Operations

Enhance customer satisfaction through omni-channel operations. Enabling your customers to place orders irrespective of the platform they use.

Ownership Management

Monitor the ownership of different items through our ownership management solutions and receive comprehensive details.

Stock Management

Our stock optimization and process delivery solutions help you manage stocks better and in a hassle-free way.

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Key Benefits

IMS, Built for Powerful Business Advantages

Tradable and Non-tradable

Our solution ensures you can trace and track the tradable and non-tradable inventories and close stocks quickly after use.

Providing 360° View

Enabling you to strike the right balance between cost, service, and organizational value through a comprehensive view of your inventories.

Efficient Stock Control

Reduce labor time and error in tracing products and customer purchases through our extensive solution.

Real-time Reporting

Get accurate and detailed information on-the-go about your inventories and their movement for optimized management and control.

Optimized Space Utilization

Helping you strike top-notch space management in your warehouse with efficient allocation of inventories.

Faster Decision Making

Engage in a faster and more accurate decision-making process and reduce time taken in making mission-critical decisions.

Reduced Cost

Reduce costs of hiring and implementing hefty and exorbitant warehouse and inventory management solutions through our optimized solution.

Lower Wastage

Experience a sustainable way of warehouse and inventory management by implementing eco-friendly methods of monitoring stocks.


Meticulous Features for In-depth Management

  • Outbound Operations
  • Smart Notifications & Alerts
  • Inbound Operations
  • Aging Inventory Clearance
  • ReConsolidation
  • Inventory Visibility
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Batching & Packaging
  • Reporting of Inventory
  • Third-party Integration
  • Fleet Management
  • Processing of Real-time Data
  • 1. Web Based
  • 2. Mobile Based Android
Technology Platforms

Compatible with the latest web & mobile platforms

  • 1. Supply Chain
  • 2. Sales Portal
  • 3. CRM
  • 4. rocurement
Third-Party Integration

Seamless integrations to deliver better value to

Frequently Asked Questions

A warehouse and inventory management software helps in managing the inventories of a company and optimizing business operations. It provides comprehensive and accurate data on the inventories helping the companies reduce their time, costs, efforts, and human errors in doing the same.

You can use warehouse management in different kinds of industries like logistics and transportation, agriculture, manufacturing, oil and gas, and much more.

Our warehouse & inventory management solution available for Web Application that support both Desktop and Laptops, and mobile application that support both iOs and Android Devices.

There are several factors that determine the costs. For instance, the size of your business the nature and number of inventories, the number of orders are some important factors.