Perfecting Predictive Maintenance with
Maintenance Management Solution

Maintenance Made Easy with CMMS

Our Computerized Maintenance Management Solution (CMMS) is designed to keep all your assets and maintenance requests organized, ensuring that you can keep your downstream business runs smoothly. Our intelligent solution also provides advanced features such as smart scheduling of work orders and preventive maintenance features to reduce downtime and improve efficiency.

Equipped with intelligent features that allow users to create customized schedules for asset inspections, our solution takes up preventive maintenance programs, and other recurring tasks. Additionally, our solution supports scheduling of predictive maintenance to identify any potential problems before they occur, allowing you to proactively address them.

With our CMMS solution, you can generate detailed reports and get useful data insights of your asset maintenance, enabling powerful decision-making and better asset management. Overall, our solution helps you streamline all your asset maintenance processes while reducing costs and increasing efficiency, giving you peace of mind knowing that your assets are in good hands.

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Key Features

Addressing Problems Before They
Occur with Intelligent Maintenance

Extensive Work Order

Comprehensive workflow engine that efficiently manages workload, tracks tasks that must be completed to fulfill a request, assigns each task to an appropriate technician, and then provides automated notifications when tasks are completed or when deadlines are approaching.

Smart Scheduling & Dispatching

Providing easy-to-use scheduling and dispatching features so you can easily plan out preventative maintenance tasks as well as raise maintenance tickets. Enabling you to easily manage all technician tasks.

Checklist Management

Create customizable procedure forms to follow during work order. Multiple useful options like text boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes etc. to add to the procedure form and enhance technicians' work using smartly defined procedures.

Preventive Service

Efficiently conduct preventive maintenance checklists and manuals associated with any asset by accessing records of historic repairs to ensure best maintenance decisions. Keep all assets running at their peak performance with regular checkups and detailed inspections before potential problems arise.

Smart Dashboard & Reports

Effective monitoring and maintenance progress by a powerful dashboard. Get intuitive reports to make business decisions and keep an eye over all the activities on a unified platform.

Technician Management

Effectively manage technicians through a wide range of capabilities for assigning tasks, scheduling shifts, tracking performance, and providing feedback.

Request Tracking

Assign service requests to individual technicians, categorizing service requests by type, and sending automatic notifications when a service request is submitted. In addition, the solution enables users to Submit a Request, Review, Approve Requests and provides other detailed useful functionalities.

Intelligent Reports

Generate reports that allow users to access and view important insights. With our smart reports, you can identify historic trends and better plan maintenance schedules.

Skill Management

Effective skill management feature enabling you you to run queries to quickly search for technicians or specialties in short notice situations. Utilize existing workforce more efficiently for faster turn-around times.


Proven History of Enhancing Business Efficiency


How does it work?

Working Machine

Detect Issue

Create Work Order

Assign technician
as per work order

Identification of
other issues

Everything tracked &
Recorded in the system

Issue resolved & Machine
is ready for production

Additional technician assign
to reactive work order

Tech department
process reactive order

Technician will create reactive work
order related with parent work order

Key Benefits

Data-Driven Maintenance for Efficiently Running Businesses

Customized Workflow

Our Customized Workflow solution offers a powerful suite of features to help organizations maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their workflow processes. Track progress, assign resources and prioritize tasks based on their importance from a simplified platform.

Reduced Paperwork

Reduce paperwork and streamline the process of managing maintenance operations, allowing users to store, track, and report all of their maintenance data in one convenient location. Digitally track log service requests, job progress, and inventory tracking, reducing paper documents.

Asset Visibility

Maintenance managers and teams can easily find important information about assets with a centrally organized organized CMMS database; such as purchase date, last service date, frequency of breakdowns, components used and many others.

Workflow Visibility

Technicians, maintenance engineers and project managers are able to track their progress digitally through dashboards and visualizations, all in real time. They can also locate assets or find out what needs to be done for maintenance very quickly without flipping around papers or webpages.

Streamlined Processes

Work orders can be seen and tracked by all stakeholders involved. Detail information can be shared across devices so workers in the field will know what's going on at operational centers. Resources are prioritized and distributed for maximum efficiency based upon needs.

Increased Productivity

Technicians can log data onsite in real time using their mobile-friendly app, increasing their efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, smart maintenance organizes work orders providing easy access to the most up-to-date information in a single location, eliminating tedious manual processes.

Better Team Communication

Get full maintenance histories, track assets and work status, aimed at improving team communication. Team leaders and supervisors can review work orders, as well as receive timely status updates, ensuring no details are overlooked.

Reduced Downtime

Teams can schedule predictive maintenance of equipment so that assets receive timely service and larger costs are minimized. Technicians can manage extra parts they need on hand, allowing faster execution of repairs and reduced equipment downtime.

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  • 2. Mobile Based Android
Technology Platforms

Compatible with the latest
web & mobile platforms

  • 1. Google Maps
Third-Party Integration

integrations to
deliver better value

Frequently Asked Questions

CMMS (Smart Maintenance) is widely utilized across various industries such as manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, retail, government, and energy.

The purpose of RockEYE CMMS software system is to provide efficient management of assets and maintenance-related tasks. It offers features like preventive maintenance, work order management, asset management, inventory tracking, employee productivity monitoring, and maintenance scheduling.

In smart maintenance, any user has the right to place a request for a work order, regardless of their role or position.

RockEYE CMMS software offers ten comprehensive reports that provide valuable insights into organizational performance. These reports include Work Order, Asset Wise Work Order, Technician Wise Work Order, Work Order Request, Asset Wise Work Order Request, Requester Wise Work Order Request, Assets, Technicians, Requesters, and Schedule Work Order.

The duration of smart maintenance implementation varies based on the complexity of your requirements. Factors such as the size of your company, the number of users, and the assets involved can influence the implementation timeline.

Yes, RockEYE CMMS system caters to businesses of all sizes and complexities. Whether you are a startup or a mid-sized organization, our CMMS software system can effectively meet your asset management and maintenance requirements.