Streamline Operations with Cutting-Edge
Terminal Automation System

Seamless Solution for Terminal Efficiency and Control

RockEye offers an innovative Terminal Automation System for the oil and gas industry to transform business operations. With our revolutionary TAS, oil and gas businesses can eliminate manual processes, human errors, and time-consuming tasks. Embrace the future of efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.

Our Terminal Automation System optimizes your terminal operations, enabling seamless integration of processes, meticulous data management, and real-time monitoring for information sharing.

RockEye’s terminal automation system offers faster turnaround times, improved inventory control, and enhanced safety measures, giving a competitive edge and maximized profitability. Stay ahead of the curve with data analytics and actionable insights with an aim to reduce costs and downtimes.

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Key Features

Effective Terminal Management
with Intelligent Automation

Terminal Storage Information

Get complete tracking and monitoring of Terminal Storage Information, offering real-time inventory data, stock reconciliation, and reporting for informed decision-making.

Vessel Management

With effective control and coordination, the system manages vessel activities, including berthing, loading, unloading, and anchorage operations, ensuring smooth operations.

Laycan Assignment

Our TAS facilitates effective scheduling and assignment of laycan (laydays and cancels), optimizing vessel arrivals, departures, and berth allocations for efficient port operations.

Documentation Control

Efficient management of critical documentation, including bills of lading, cargo manifests, and customs paperwork, enabling accurate record-keeping and compliance.

NNPC Demand Notice

Handle demand notices from NNPC, facilitating communication, response, and compliance with regulatory requirements.


RockEye terminal automation system ensures efficient handling of cargo volume, optimizing processes for faster turnaround times and increased productivity.

Pre & Post Discharge Operations

Streamlining pre and post-discharge operations, the system manages cargo handling, tallying, inspection, and documentation control, ensuring smooth and error-free processes.

Gantry Scheduling

Optimize gantry operations by effectively scheduling and controlling loading, unloading, product delivery, and tank truck movements, ensuring efficient terminal logistics.

Tank Farm Management

Efficient control and monitoring of tank farm operations, managing inventory, product segregation, blending, and quality control for optimal storage management.

Key Benefits

Core Benefits to Optimize Terminal Automation

Streamlined Processes

Efficient automation improves workflow, reduces delays, and enhances operational efficiency, resulting in smoother oil and gas terminal operations.

Improved Productivity

With Terminal Automation, businesses can minimize manual intervention, optimizing resource allocation and enabling higher productivity in oil and gas terminal activities.


Get comprehensive visibility as well as accountability across the oil and gas supply chain with terminal automation systems’ accurate tracking and tracing capabilities.

Reduced Paperwork

Streamline document processes by eliminating the requirement for paperwork, streamlining documentation processes and reducing administrative burdens in oil and gas terminals.

Real-time Tracking

Automated systems offer real-time tracking and reporting, providing instant insights into oil and gas operations for effective decision-making and timely interventions.

Transparency & Visibility

Enhance transparency by providing all related stakeholders with complete visibility into the status, movements, and operations within oil and gas terminals.

Process Approval System

Smoothen the process making process approvals very efficient, minimizing bottlenecks, ensuring compliance, and accelerating decision-making in oil and gas terminal operations.

Centralized Information

Gain information from centralized data, allowing easy access, retrieval, and analysis, as well as enhancing collaboration and operational efficiency in oil and gas terminals.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Terminal Automation System is a software solution that automates and manages various processes in oil and gas terminals, including but not limited to Inventory management, product movement, and safety controls. TAS helps streamline operations, enhance efficiency, minimize errors, and improve safety by providing real-time monitoring, control, and data analysis capabilities.

Yes, our Terminal Automation System can support multiple terminals located at different locations under a single system only.

Our Terminal Automation system can work with Gantry and other tank reader devices through PLC programming integration. However, this Hardware integration is part of additional scope of the system.

Yes, a Terminal Automation System is designed to integrate with various existing infrastructures as long as communication protocols are aligned between both systems.

Terminal Automation System smoothens the operation and improves the Gantry operation efficiency. So it helps to improve the loading operations and so you can serve more customers in shorter duration.