Stay Ahead of the Curve with Smart Vehicle
Tracking Solution

One-stop Solution for Fleet Management

Our intelligent vehicle tracking system streamlines various processes and delivers actionable insights to your downstream oil & gas business regarding the condition and productivity of your fleet and drivers. It allows you to smartly optimize routes and manage your fleets in real time.

RockEye’s state-of-the-art vehicle tracking solution utilizes advanced GPS/GPRS/Satellite technology to deliver real-time location data, as well as other key information such as vehicle diagnostics, driving behavior, trip schedules, and trip views.

Our solution automates numerous processes and provides deep and accurate insights for highly efficient fleet management. With our solution, you shall be able to reduce operational costs, increase productivity, improve safety, and maximize operational efficiency.

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Key Features

A Smarter Way to Manage Your
Fleet’s Everyday Operations

Real-Time Tracking

An absolute essential for your fleet management requirements. Get real-time ETA from accurate GPS tracking along with your vehicle’s movement, direction, and speed.

Smart Alerts

Get real-time alerts of start/stop, overspeeding, unplanned stoppages, and proactively manage breakdown situations.

Vehicle Trip History

End-to-end history of the vehicle's trips at your fingertips, including location history, instances of reckless driving, and distance covered to get insights into behavioral traits.

Scheduling of Trips

While scheduling trips we leverage artificial intelligence to assess parameters like distance, prior experience of the route, and availability of drivers and vehicles for maximum efficiency.

Route Optimization

With our intelligent route optimization feature, find the best route for your fleet by considering traffic and route closures and curb fuel consumption.


Get real-time alerts and notifications when vehicles enter or exit a designated geofence region during a trip.

Offline Data Tracking

Avoid data loss even in case of vehicles moving where the network is weak or not available. Our robust hardware stores the tracking data and sends it to you as soon as a network becomes available.

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Get real-time and updated insights into driver behavior patterns on aspects like overspeeding, route deviation, and aggressive braking for improved safety.

Dashboard & Reports

Get deep insights into your business with our impeccable visualization features. Get grips on your fleet and drivers to make data-driven decisions for future.


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How does it work?


User Roles & Permission

User Management

Master Management

Driver Management

Vehicle Management


Route Management

Trip Management

Enable Trip Alerts


Live Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle History

Share Location

Vehicle Alerts

Geo Fence Management

Configuration Management

Dashboard & Reports

Key Benefits

Boost Your Downstream Business with Smartly
Crafted Solutions

Comprehensive Fleet Tracking

VTS manages both OEM-connected vehicles and mixed fleets, fleet managers can have a holistic view of all their vehicles and monitor them in real-time from a unified platform.

Reduced Downtime

Make informed decisions about fleet and driver engagement to ensure optimum usage of resources. These measures ensure the fleet’s reduced downtime and improved productivity.

Cost Saving

Leverage advanced telematics for vehicle diagnostics to fast-track your maintenance operations and avoid rising repair costs.

Vehicle and Driver Safety

Prioritize the safety of your fleet and driver with instant alerts in the event of security breaches or accidents to take proactive measures. Geofence your vehicles for enhanced protection.

Vehicle Utilization

Leverage power of data and analytics to eliminate vehicle idle time, reduce over-speeding and decrease fuel consumption for improved efficiency.

Optimize Resources

Smart Tracking allows to monitor your vehicles and get actionable insights on fuel usage, driver behavior, and engine idling to utilize resources.

Better Customer Service

Access real-time ETA and share vehicle tracking with customers by providing customers with accurate delivery times, and other minute details.

Reduced Paperwork

Smart Tracking for drivers, dispatchers and managers to eliminate the paperwork as the system can track and store details in electronic format.

Real-time Alerts

Stay on Top of Operations with Smart Notifications


Vehicle Safety

  • Overspeeding
  • Harsh Braking
  • Sudden Acceleration
  • Sharp Cornering
  • Crash Detection
  • Jamming Detection
  • Eco-Driving

Vehicle Trip

  • Late Arrival
  • Late Departure
  • Excessive Stoppage
  • Early Arrival
  • Early Departure
  • Route Deviation

Vehicle Fuel

  • Low Fuel
  • Refuel
  • Fuel Drain

Vehicle Diagnostics

  • Ignition On/Off
  • 1. Web Based
  • 2. Mobile Based Android
Technology Platforms

Compatible with the latest
web & mobile platforms

  • 1. Maintenance System
  • 2. Asset System
  • 3. Inventory System
  • 4. Finance System
Third-Party Integration

Seamless integrations to
deliver better value

Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Vehicle Tracking encompasses the use of advanced technologies and software solutions to monitor and track vehicles in real-time. It involves the installation of GPS tracking devices in vehicles, which collect and transmit data such as location, speed, and other vehicle parameters to a central software platform.

As the owner of multiple fleets, using a smart tracking solution can be highly beneficial for you. It enables real-time monitoring of your vehicles, improves fleet management efficiency, enhances security, and helps optimize routes. With smart tracking, you can gain valuable insights into your fleet’s performance and make data-driven decisions to reduce costs and improve overall operations.

A smart tracking software can help in saving fuel through various mechanisms. By providing real-time data on vehicle locations, routes, and driver behavior, it allows fleet managers to identify inefficient practices such as excessive idling, unauthorized vehicle usage, or inefficient routes. By optimizing routes and monitoring driver behavior, fuel consumption can be minimized, resulting in cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

Smart tracking systems can provide various types of alerts to fleet managers. These alerts can include real-time notifications for speeding, harsh braking, sudden acceleration, or route deviations. Additionally, they can also provide maintenance alerts based on mileage or time intervals, ensuring that vehicles are serviced promptly. These alerts help improve driver behavior, prevent accidents, and ensure timely maintenance, leading to increased safety and reduced operational costs.

Typically, smart tracking solutions involve both software and hardware components. The software provides the platform for real-time tracking, analytics, and reporting, while the hardware usually consists of GPS tracking devices that are installed in the vehicles. These devices gather data such as location, speed, and other vehicle parameters, which are then transmitted to the software platform for analysis and monitoring. The service provider can assist you in acquiring the necessary hardware for tracking your vehicles.

Yes, we do provide various sets of hardware to choose from as per your nature of the business.

It takes almost 30 mins to get the device installed and to get the system up and running.